Jubilee Academies student leaders making a difference across South Texas

At Jubilee Academies students and staff embrace the Leader In Me (LIM) program. It has become more than a school initiative, it is a mindset... a culture. Our children are learning 21st century leadership and life skills including teamwork, accountability, communication and problem-solving. This program is giving students of every learning capability an opportunity to shine bright whether it be in academics, athletics, technology or service.

The implementation of Leader in Me has reflected significant student growth over the years both inside the classroom and throughout their communities. A common thread among all 11 Jubilee Academies sites is a commitment to volunteerism, and a love for community.

Character ambassadors, student council groups, LIM lighthouse committees and many more are choosing to make a difference! They are empowering one another to go the extra mile. To participate in a neighborhood clean up or write a letter of appreciation to first responders.

Just this past weekend, September 22, Brownsville Character Ambassadors joined nearly 200 high school and university students to participate in the Keep Brownsville Beautiful cleanup. 

They worked to clear out what used to be a tobacco plantation at the La Posada Montezuma Cypress Preserve, which the city has purchased and plans to create into a site where residents will enjoy canoeing, fishing, tubing and more.

Further up in Kingsville this week, we had a classroom of third graders who took the time to invite the Chief of Police and two patrolmen to the school. Each student wrote a letter to the police department to let them know how much they appreciate their service to the community and their campus.

It provides a warm, fuzzy feeling to see students connecting and creating moments that will have a lasting, positive impact on their future. . . Experiencing compassion and understanding the importance of serving and becoming a true leader.

We congratulate our current students for all the amazing work that has been done during this first six weeks of school. You are a true example of Leadership, Character and Academic Excellence!