Jubilee Academies students take the Drug-Free Pledge

What better time than October to say 'BOO' to drugs?!

The Red Ribbon Campaign is the oldest and largest drug prevention program celebrated across the nation October 23-31 every year.

A commitment to wear your red ribbon in support of a drug-free lifestyle has turned into one of the most popular weeks of the year where schools, community and organizations want to make a STATEMENT... a fashion statement.

The purpose of Red Ribbon Week is to present a 'visible' commitment to living a safe, healthy and drug-free life.

Jubilee is doing just that! When you walk into one of our campuses this week, the vibe is just a little different than most days.

Red Ribbon Week allows our students to participate in activities and dress up opportunities showing their support to the Red Ribbon Campaign and most importantly, their commitment to live DRUG FREE!

Our kids are too bright for drugs.... So they are buddying up to create awareness.

We encourage parents to take this opportunity to speak with your child about the importance of drug prevention and living a healthy lifestyle.

Join the movement! One idea is to have your family Sign the Pledge. Take the National Red Ribbon Campaign pledge and be a part of the creation of a drug free America.