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Our Beginning
Jubilee began in January 2000 with 60 students on one campus in San Antonio, Texas. Current geographic boundaries include the Rio Grande Valley Region, Coastal Bend Region, South Central Region, and Central Texas Region. Jubilee serves nearly 6,000 students at 12 sites within its boundaries.

Campuses within the Jubilee Academies charter school district have a culture for academic excellence and accentuate Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” through Covey’s Leader In Me program.

In addition to academic excellence and a leadership emphasis, students are taught positive character traits to prepare them for success in life as they learn to build relationally with their peers.

Our Mission Statement
To provide a nurturing community focused on leadership and educational excellence.

Our Vision Statement
To be the premier choice in education.

The Jubilee Way
The term, The Jubilee Way is used to describe the how and why of what we do. How we conduct business; interact with our board members, each other, parents and students; and why we do it that way is extremely important to our culture. In order to sustain the Jubilee culture and pass The Jubilee Way on to the next generation of leaders, we have compiled the following ten axioms as a guide for all who desire to join Texas’ premier charter school, Jubilee Academies.
  • Children First, Then Parents, Then Teachers, Then Us 
  • Parents Share the Responsibility for Educating Their Child 
  • We Must Love One Another 
  • Take the High Road 
  • Customer Service Exceeds Expectations 
  • Failure Is Not an Option 
  • Loyalty Is to Principle Not Personality 
  • Attitude Is Everything 
  • There Are No Sacred Cows 
  • Our Biggest Room is the Room for Improvement 
  • Our Philosophy
Jubilee Academies is committed to the goal of excellence in education for all children. To achieve our goal, we will meet the needs of our students through the development of a strong academic program consisting of basic skills in reading, writing, and math with the opportunity for challenge beyond the basics. Jubilee Academies will concurrently foster the positive character traits of self-esteem and self-discipline which will promote pride and responsibility in the students for their community and their country.

Grades We Serve
Pre-K through 12

San Antonio

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