Young learners get early start in STEM

Have you heard about STEM? STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. And, while STEM can refer to the subjects performed individually or together, it can also mean a way of doing things that includes solving problems, asking questions and exploring the world around us.

Last spring, Jubilee Academies was one of the recipients of a grant awarded by Pre-K 4 SA to build early STEM skills with our youngest learners—those students in our full-day prekindergarten programs at Jubilee-Highland Hills, Jubilee-Highland Park and Jubilee-Lake View University Prep.

Is pre-kindergarten too early for STEM? Research shows that children are born scientists, and having a strong foundation in early math, for example, can lead to higher achievement in both math and reading later in school.

Further, having the opportunity to interact with many different materials in early childhood helps prepare students for science and engineering later in school. (National Association for the Education of Young Children, NAEYC).

The grant has funded the addition of STEM science stations, learning kits and robotics activities; provided professional development training for classroom teachers; and helped assistant teachers work on their associate certificates.

A recent classroom activity introduced the students to beginner coding using a colorful robot named Mr. Botley. The students programmed Botley by entering the code (generated by selecting cards with directional arrows) on a remote and then had Botley "run the code." They watched in fascination as Botley turned left and right and went forward and backward--based on the code that had been entered.

Next month, our young learners will share what they’ve been learning at the PreK(4) ROBOTICS SHOWCASE to be held at Jubilee-Lake View University Prep. They’ll be assisted by high school students from Jubilee-San Antonio’s robotics club. It will be an evening you won’t want to miss! Mark your calendars for Fri., May 17, 2019 from 6PM-7PM. 

For more information about the Pre-K 4 SA grant or the upcoming Robotics Showcase, please contact Jubilee Academies Curriculum Coordinator, Lisa Garcia Gonzales, at (210) 275-1700.

Photos from top:
1) Our young learners are getting an early start in STEM. 2) Ms. Longoria, PreK(4) teacher at Jubilee-Highland Hills, facilitates a group activity in coding. 3) A young student in Ms. Dunsford's class at Jubilee-Highland Park programs Mr. Botley.  

Below are more photos from Jubilee-Highland Hills and Jubilee-Highland Park. Thank you to the teachers, Ms. Longoria and Ms. Dunsford, and to the awesome students!

STEM activities in prekindergarten
STEM activities in prekindergarten
STEM activities in prekindergarten

STEM activities in prekindergarten

STEM activities in prekindergarten