New partnership gives Jubilee-Brownsville high school students real world experience

Twelve high school students from Jubilee-Brownsville are taking their first steps into the medical field through an exciting partnership with the Cameron County Education Initiative, Inc. (CCEI). CCEI is a new non-profit vocational institution built on the foundation of alternative education and sustainable career opportunities for the Rio Grande Valley.

Opening its doors in June of 2017, CCEI offered post-secondary programs and training and career preparation for the citizens of Cameron County and has been growing steadily. Last month, they expanded their programs and began the partnership with Jubilee Academies to provide training for students interested in pursuing careers in a medical profession.

“We are thrilled about this partnership and the opportunity to serve as a training facility for the students of Jubilee Academies” said Dr. Rita Hernandez, President of CCEI. “These partnerships provide skilled medical training that not only will lead to employment, but possibly provide a base for those entering other medical professions.”

This collaborative effort marks the start of Jubilee’s desire to offer programs linked to careers that are in demand and have current labor market value. The partnership is aligned with the state’s HB 5 requirement and Governor Abbott’s desire to ensure all Texans have access to career training and certification. 

“We want our students to experience a comprehensive and seamless path guiding them from primary foundations to secondary readiness and on to post-secondary success,” Jubilee Academies Associate Superintendent, Flor Robinson said. “We recognize the demand in Brownsville for innovation, and the partnership with CCEI is allowing us to not only provide students with the core competencies for academic success but with relevant learning experiences.” 

The students enjoyed a kick-off event earlier this month where they were welcomed by a team from Valley Baptist Medical Center. They will embark on a 10-week program that includes a 7-week classroom learning experience followed by a 3-week practicum with home-health agencies to practice the skills they've learned. They'll also have the opportunity to take the State of Texas Certified Nursing Assistant exam in early November. Bernardo Garrido, Jubilee-Brownsville's Academic Advisor, envisions the program continuing to grow after this inaugural group of twelve completes their training.

Texas State Technical College (TSTC) will be an additional avenue available for students at the Jubilee-Brownsville campus, offering experience in technical programs with a high demand for career placement including Design Technology and Cyber Security.